Debutante BH Program


Growing the character of young ladies for a positive impact on society.

A debutante (or DEB) is a French word meaning female beginner. It is a young lady who has reached the age of maturity and, as a new adult, is introduced to society at a formal presentation known as her ‘debut’ or ‘coming out.’ She must be at least 16 years of age or older to participate.

Bernadette’s House is dedicated to growing the character of young ladies who can and will make a positive impact in our society. Through the adult advisors and mentors, the BH DEBS program reinforces the work of home and education by offering guidance and information through relevant study and fieldwork activities. Participating DEBS have an opportunity to enhance their character through a series of workshops designed especially for personal development and creative leadership.

Upon completion of the 5-month curriculum, the participants are reintroduced to family and friends and are encouraged to dedicate their lives to greater community service. The personal desires of young participants will be respected; however, our ladies are expected to participate in program and community activities and remain active until they have completed the requirements needed to participate in the right of passage ceremony (DEBUTANTE BALL).

The details:

  • Must be over 16 years old

  • 5-month curriculum with a ceremony upon conclusion

Apply below or call 410-707-2420