My daughter’s experience & exposure has truly helped her grow in ways that will benefit her for a lifetime. She has connected & bonded with a beautiful mentor and has made new friends along the way. I can go on for days about Bernadette’s House & the positive impact it has had...but it’s not over! So, as we continue to grow...I will use Facebook as a platform to share the ways BH has & continues to make a difference! We are blessed to be among a village of amazing women who genuinely care for the future of our girls!
— Amina A.

Had a great opportunity to visit Bernadette house today with my friend. What a beautiful time we had today. Bernadette’s House was very welcoming. And the love and compassion they showed Maggie and me was unbelievable. No wonder the children love her and love being there. God bless you and Bernadette house. You will continue to grow because of your unselfish love and care to the children and to people who just come in to visit. I thank GOD for Bernadette and her faith and love for people and children.
— Pat

This organization does phenomenal work in the community. I hope to help this organization any way I can.
— Renelle M.

Mrs. Carol Nash is one of my favorite “sheroes” and mentors. She is a visionary with persistence that is noteworthy. A lover of people, full of integrity. I will support any effort that she commandeers. My hat is off to Mrs. Nash and her staff for a job well done at Bernadette’s house.
— Julie D.

I visited and taught at the center. It’s an amazing group of young women. The support there is awesome. Carol Nash is absolutely perfection, love her.
— Sheila D.